Don't wait til your kids grow up!


24/7 Artist/Wife/Mom & 

Business Partner. The struggle is real!

My artist husband and I run a full time art studio. Dennis Friel Art Studios / Liz Friel Fine Art. It's wild. It's difficult. Its amazing. I didn't or couldn't "wait til your kids grow up" to continue my art career. We live and work in the same town so that makes running around town with little kids easier. Sometimes we feel like The Griswalds. lol

I paint Abstract Contemporary/Minimalist Art. It is my livelihood and passion. Thinking about it 24/7. 

Background - I graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design with strong studies in photography and abstract painting in 2003. I took my time studying since I lived at home in NJ. I studied film photography and graphic design to get jobs and to be able to control my art career. I ended up moving to south Florida and marrying my soul mate. He happens to be a artist as well. <Dennis Friel> Then I took time off from painting. Too busy working and exploring. We now have 2 kids (now 4yrs and 7yrs).

Shortly after our son was born, we started our own art studio. Yep, he quit the rat race! Going on 5 years now self-employed!!! I have been his art business partner while raising our kids. About 2 yrs ago I was just itching to get my art out!!! I couldn't take it anymore. So in order to be with my kids, I made a painting spot on our patio. Nice hot Florida weather!

Sooo now that my kids are a bit older, I am in the studio alongside my husband, painting my own abstracts again! I couldn't be happier and more grateful. My work is currently coastal influenced, not only abstract minimalist. 

Much gratitude for the opportunity and support in this endeavor.